Malaysian actress pairs up with Mosharraf


Popular Bangladeshi actor Mosharraf Karim is in Malaysia for some time now. Although he went there to see a doctor and take some rest, he still acted in two plays shot there. In one of those plays, he was paired with Malaysian actress Nurhasmira Binti Ajmi.

The one-hour play Ekahane Jibanananda Nei is directed by Himel Ashraf. Actors from Iran, Germany and Palestine also appeared in several scenes of the play. Speaking on the phone from Malaysia on Thursday, Mosharraf Karim said, “The story of the play is different. The foreign actors were needed because the script demanded so. I enjoyed working with them.

Himel Asharaf, the director, said four of the foreign actors were professionals and they were contacted through local agents. Masum Shahriar wrote the script for Ekahane Jibanananda Nei. Mosharraf has also acted in another serial by Shamim Zaman. In 1986, Karim joined the theater troupe “Nattokendro” and worked for 15 years. After over a decade in theater, Karim emerged on the small screen in 1999.


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