Miles controversy deepens


Miles is a Bangladeshi rock band based in Dhaka. Formed in 1979, the group is widely considered as the most popular rock band in South Asia. The band was able to hold their success for 35 years. Not only in Bangladesh, but also the band gained enormous acclamation outside of the country.

Now it seems that success story is almost at verge of a sad ending as a rumor spread that Shafin Ahmed is going to separate himself from the band to pursue his solo career. Amidst this controversy, frontman Shafin Ahmed has now issued a legal notice to stop the use of the band’s name in any concert or program without approval. Shafin posted a copy of that legal notice on his Facebook profile on Thursday and asked all musicians not to use Mile’s name without his permission.

The legal notice was signed by Supreme Court lawyer Mostofa Jamal Pasha. The notice claimed Shafin Ahmed as the founder and managing director of Miles Band Ltd. The notice said that some people were performing on stage and having financial profit illegally as they did not take prior written permission from Shafin. The notice also claimed that the rights to perform anywhere under Mile’s name belongs to Shafin only and urged the musicians who are involved in such activities to step back or face legal actions.

When rumor spread that Shafin is separating himself from the band, he assured fans that he is not leaving the band. However, Shafin did agree that he and the junior band members are having some bickering issues and until those issues are resolved he will not perform in any future concert or program.

About the dispute with the junior band members, Shafin said, “The junior band members are acting inappropriately. They should know that jealousy will not take them anywhere.” However, the band members have denied the accusations Shafin made. They said that there has been no such issues within the band except Shafin who wants to pursue his solo career.


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