‘Nasima’: film on Bangladesh’s 1st woman surfer


Documentary film ‘Nasima’ focused on the life of the first woman surfer in Bangladesh who won four consecutive times in National Championship.

The film also gives the pictorial image of her surfing life as well as the surfing condition in Cox’s Bazar and other areas.

It will be exhibited at the 6th documentary film festival ‘Tokyo Docs’ in Tokoyo, Japan which is scheduled to be kicked off on November 6.

The film ‘Nasima’ got prize money for production in the last year’s at the 5th ‘Tokyo Docs’ festival. Arifur Rahman and Bijon was jointly directed the film which was produced by Goopy Bagha Productions Limited and Japan’s Telecom Staff.

A 30-minutes version of the film will be shown at Tokyo Docs.

Nasima started to practice the game being inspired by Zafar Alam who at first tried to surf seeing foreigners’ surfing.

Later, she was forced to leave surfing after her recognition went beyond boundaries. But eventually she could not stay out of it for long time.

She came back in the game and enlisted in a competition after two years. A new struggle of her life begins……This is more or less her story.

The procedure to release the film in the Bangladesh cinema halls is also underway.


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